NIcolas Franco - Tierra sin Pan (upcoming 2017)

Authors:  Heike Munder,  Christian Vviveros- Fauné, Rodrigo Alonso, Ana María Risco, Patricio Muñoz - Zárate, Cesar Gabler, Justo Pastor Mellado, Paz López

280 pp

English / Spanish          

Hardcover, 23 x 27.5 cm    

Published by Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes & Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, CL



Voces: Latin American Photography, 1980-2015

Authors: Chantal Fabres and Natalie Goffard

58 pages


Softcover 21 x 17 cm

Published by Michael Hoppen Gallery, London

In an attempt to address the wealth of individual expression in Latin American photography, the philosophy that has guided this exhibition has been to listen to the voices of the participating artists. They challenge the popular acceptance of what has been codified as 'photography/ic' and, through sophisticated compositions, they propose a search for new meanings. Informed by their cultural identity they are not defined by it. Their voices should be listened to without the arbitrariness of our Western clichés and we should concentrate on a narrative from another place. 
- Chantal Fabres


Imagen Criolla

Authors: Nathalie Goffard

Published by Metales Pesados, CL

ISBN: 9568415599


Nicolás Franco - XYZ

Authors: Fdo. Castro Flórez, Patricio M. Zárate,  Eugenio Dittborn

140 pages                                                                                      

English - Spanish

Softcover, 24 x 17 cm 

Published by Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Santiago, CL

ISBN: 978-956-8890-18-6

This first monograph on Nicolás Franco´s work,  is conceived to document his solo exhibition at Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes held in 2012. It presents a selection of projects by the Chilean artist: from his early works, focused on sound and light installations, to his most recent, aimed at exploring history trough photography and printed matter. Three essays, each of which covers a relevant aspect of Franco´s oeuvre, carefully contextualize the artworks presented here. Fernando Castro Flórez puts Franco´s practice into an art historical perspective; Patricio M. Zárate delves into the technical procedures in Franco´s works; while Eugenio Dittborn deals with the poetry of Franco´s appropriation strategies.