Alessia Becker

Alessia holds a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Museum Curatorship from Smith College, Massachusetts. Her thesis explored artist-endowed foundations as leaders in cultural philanthropy and artistic stewardship.

She worked as a faculty research assistant in archival photography; selecting and digitizing slides from a professor’s personal collection documenting the ruins of Ancient Rome and also researched the extensive Smith College archives to select the most prized vernacular photographs taken by students from as early as the schools opening in 1871.

She worked on the international publication of artist’s books at Toluca Editions Fine Arts in Paris, translating and perfecting both the written text and image layouts for international publication. Alessia worked as a VIP liaison, and database manager for Untitled Art Fairs based in Brooklyn. The fair is the biggest competitor to Art Basel in Miami and Fogg Design fair in San Francisco.

Alessia has cultivated both a passion and an extensive knowledge of the Chilean art scene. Being partly Chilean she visits Chile regularly and has met many of the artists represented by CF-LART,